Fenya Konovaloff’s passion for food and baking is seen by her drive and tasted by many in her cuisines.  She started by baking Russian pastry’s from home during 2007 recession. As a child she always was in the kitchen next to her Boonya (grandma) and barbecuing beside her dad. When her career took off it was a small Russian dinner party from friends that where very impressed and one of the guest offered her to come come to La Blance France and teach youth. After she came home from her experience she had a more of a fire inside her that told her ” this is what I love to do”. She then worked very hard on building her business all by herself and now has award recognition from, Two article’s in the Inland Empire Magazine, State of California, Senate awards and California State Legislature. Awards from the”Amazing Women of Inland Empire” and The city council recognizing her for her “OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP” awards with every BUSINESS community she steps to help out in. Also, interviewed on Am 590 Radio cooking show but this is only scratching the surface of why Chef Fenya is one of the chosen Bakers (baklava being her number #1 seller) and Catering Companies in Riverside County.

Fenya Konovaloff

Russian Doll Offers Unique Menus to Southern California

Our Executive Chef travels internationally to gain knowledge of diverse cultures on food and menu planning. By devoting herself to obtaining fresh ingredients at local Riverside County farmers’ markets, Chef Fenya is influenced by the latest trends by offering a contemporary twist on classic dishes, world-class cuisines, and updated menus. If you are looking for affordable catering with an international flair, Russian Doll Catering is the answer to your catering needs.