• Curbside Pick Up
  • Family Style Table Side Service
  • Drop Off (fee’s apply)
  • Set Up and Drop Off ( fee’s apply on location and service needs)

All orders served with assorted bread rolls with butter, one refreshing beverage, disposable plates, napkins and service ware needed.Per Person with Minimum 50 Guest

Fresh Fruit Bruschetta $3.75
Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with marinated chicken $4.00
Smoked Salmon Blini with garden herb cream cheese $3.95
Italian Sausage stuffed mushrooms $3.50
Mini baked fingerling potatoes served with sour cream horseradish aioli garnished with chives $2.95
Jumbo shrimp cocktail shooter $5.50
Barbecue meatball skewers $3.75
Borscht shooters $4.50
Goat cheese and roasted bell pepper crostini with honey glaze $3.50
California Rice Paper Rolls $4.00

Choice of sauces: Pesto and tarragon, Italian Sausage, Marinara, Sage cream, Lemon and fresh herb cream sauce, Pecan bacon cream sauce:
(vegetarian option)
Butternut squash ravioli $12.00
Wild Portabella mushrooms ravioli $12.00
Jumbo Lobster stuffed ravioli $16.00

Chicken breast with pesto tarragon sauce $9.50
Citrus Marinated Cornish Game Hen ½ $9.50
Chicken Zacovia (chicken thighs, potatoes and onions $9.50
German Beer Glazed Bratwust $8.75
Roasted turkey breast with gravy $11.50
Lemon herb chicken with cream sauce $9.50
Salmon filet with pesto tarragon cream sauce $12.50
Whiskey Marinated Tri-Tip $12.00
Russian Stuffed Cabbage with ground beef, rice, roasted tomatoes topped with our Russian tomato compote $9.50
Lamb Shashlik (kabob) marinated over night with our in lemon, onion, black pepper, salt and garlic $16.00
Marinated Chicken Kabobs $11.00
Beef Tenderloin topped white wine mushroom cream sauce $18.00

Wild rice with herbs $3.50
Rice Pilaf with raisins and pine nuts $4.00
Cilantro and Lime Rice $3.50
Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes $4.50
Red mashed potatoes with garlic $3.50
Mashed sweet potatoes $3.75
Sour cream mashed potatoes $3.50

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with crisp bacon garnish $3.00
Honey glazed carrots and parsley garnish $3.00
Buttery Green Beans $3.00
Butter mixed vegetables with zucchini $3.00
Cauliflower rice $3.50


Russian House Salad with sliced olives,pickled purple onion,cucumbers,cherry tomatoes with lemon olive oil dressing and iceberg lettuce $4.00
Mixed Spring Salad with sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, buttermilk ranch and Italian dressings $4.00
Caesar Salad with croutons and Parmesan cheese $4.50
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad $5.50
Tabouli Salad $4.00
Russian Potato Salad made with peas and carrots $4.50
Caprese Salad mozzarella, basil and tomatoes with balsamic dressing $6.00
Spring Goat Cheese Salad with roasted bell peppers, pine nuts and balsamic and olive oil dressing $6.50

Lemon and Cucumber Iced Water
Raspberry Mint Lemonade
Cucumber and Jalapeno Lemonade
Peach Iced Tea
Bloody Mary – non alcoholic+ 3.00 PP
disposable cups, cream and sugar

Domestic & European cheese served with dried fruits, nuts, seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables and crackers $9-22pp
VEGAN or VEGETARIAN ENTRÉE– Portabella stuffed mushrooms with mixed spring salad and olive and lemon dressing $16.00

Minimum 5 hours need 1 Hour for set-up
Client and Russian Doll must discuss needs for successful event
Contact us for a quote (951) 660-2893 or info@russiandollcatering.com
Additional Fee’s: Delivery, Gratuity and Services Fee’s not included